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         I have waited so long to be able to land a job in the Plasma field, and I would not have done that without the constant contact with you and the great information you have given me for my interviews! I am so happy to start my career and to have had an awesome instructor like you!


-K.M., Phlebotomy Alumni

Why Choose ISP?

Phlebotomy Programs

Medical Assisting Program

Indiana School of Phlebotomy is part of a multi-state program that specializes in certified phlebotomy training. Our curriculum is crafted to produce skilled, integral members of medical teams in clinical environments.


Not only do our classes prepare students through rigorous academic teaching and hands-on skills labs, our graduates also gain real-world experience through clinical externships and the benefit of national credential as a Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT) through the National Healthcareer Association.

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What Students Say About Our Programs


          I learned a lot and I feel confident that my medical career is continuing to grow.


-D.T., Phlebotomy Alumni

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         The CCMA certification class went above and beyond my expectations. The instructors and staff were knowledgable and incredibly helpful. The program was affordable and short enough to incorporate into my busy schedule, but it was SO thorough and I can't imagine being better prepared for my career in healthcare!


 -E.W., Medical Assisting Alumni at Ohio School of Phlebotomy

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